March 29, 2020

“Our place in creation”

Recorded service for March 29, 2020.

Job 38:1-11, 42:1-7

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Written Sermon

Children’s Feature — Gayle Voth

Additional links:

Universe Scene from The Tree of Life (referenced in Caleb’s reflection)

A reflection Caleb wrote many years ago touching on Job

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  1. Judith Unruh
    Judith Unruh says:

    Thank you for once again providing a meaningful worship. I have appreciated the study of the book of Job. I think in the past we have taken many of the verses out of context and it really helps to see the book as a whole. Midweek was a big help.

    • alexanderwohl-pastor
      alexanderwohl-pastor says:

      Your welcome, Judy. Yes, it does help to see the book as a whole and even so, it felt like we had pretty limited time to study it well. At any rate, I always learn more. Through this last segment of Job, I feel challenged to accept the uncertainty and all the adjustments in our situation now. I hope you and Darrel stay well!

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