Catching up

Pastor Lois and I took time yesterday to record a video talking about the section of the book of Job that would have been the theme for our service that was cancelled March 15. Pastor Lois had planned to preach that day.

Job and his friends spend 36 chapters arguing over why Job had so many troubles! Lois condensed this to short passages: Click here for a PDF handout.

Thanks for taking the time to listen. We hope this will “fill the gap” a little as we continue with two more reflections on Job’s story during the next two weeks. You may need to turn the volume up. This is a “lower-tech” try, but send us feedback about what you think of this format.

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  1. Norma Duerksen
    Norma Duerksen says:

    Thank you! What a blessing to hear from you and SEE you, too!
    It’s amazing how the book of Job speaks to our present needs.
    The hymn #551 has a very meaningful text. Thank you for sharing that.

    We appreciate the email messages you have been sending.

  2. Brian Stucky
    Brian Stucky says:

    Thank you Caleb and Lois for interpreting a difficult part of scripture and also helping us apply it to our everyday lives and current situation. #551 was quite meaningful. In stressful times I keep going back to #377: “Healer of our every ill, Light of each tomorrow, give us peace beyond our fear, and hope beyond our sorrow.

  3. Rosi and Steve
    Rosi and Steve says:

    Appreciated this way of doing church when gathering together is not advisable. It is hard to understand Job’s suffering and you help address the complexity. The song ‘Til the Storm Passes By’ is comforting in this unexpected time of change – “Hold me fast – let me stand in the hollow of Thy hand – keep me safe til the storm passes by”

  4. Gene Hastings
    Gene Hastings says:

    Hello, it is good to have the message forwarded to us in such refreshing way. Job is a special book to me and I have used it to get through some very trying times in the past and now it will help once again. I very much like the two of you doing this in harmony, it is special to me in these trying times. Look forward to the next installment of the “Trying times with scripture”
    Gene Hastings

  5. Judith Unruh
    Judith Unruh says:

    This was quite creative. I like the conversation way of getting out the message. It is better than ‘preaching a sermon’. It will take extra effort to learn this way of connecting with us and your creativity shows. Thank you for thinking ‘out of the box’. Isn’t technology wonderful when used for God’s purpose?

  6. Arlin & Maretta
    Arlin & Maretta says:

    Thank you for your efforts to reach out. Our family of worship continues to bond and enable each other, that is what church is all about.

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