April 26, 2020

“Follow me” (John 21)

Recorded service for April 26, 2020. The video is a playlist. It will play continuously, or you can choose the particular segment by clicking the playlist icon.

You may notice a different video quality this time as we experiment with different ways to record.


Written prayer and sermon

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  1. Jeanette Roberts
    Jeanette Roberts says:

    *Very much appreciated your challenge not to return to normal spiritually!

    This season has given us a gift of time for scripture reading, prayer and reflection. May God call us to renewed gratitude of Christ’s salvation work on our behalf and a growing desire to become more like him, as we follow in his footsteps!

    Thank you!

    • alexanderwohl-pastor
      alexanderwohl-pastor says:

      I agree! Hope you are doing well as you use this time for scripture reading, prayer, and reflection. Stay well, Jeanette.

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