About Us

We are the church home of some 200 joyful followers of Jesus. It is our heart’s desire and commitment to love God, love each other, and offer God’s love to our neighbors and friends. We gather on Sunday mornings to offer our praise and thanks to God, and to dig into God’s Word. And we scatter each week into our workday worlds to put into action the love God has given us.

We appreciate greatly the light that each denomination contributes to the rainbow that is Christ’s church. We are part of the Anabaptist ‘stream’ of Jesus’ church, and of the Mennonite ‘tributary’ of that stream.

While we can trace our congregation’s origins to the 16th century, we are far from a ‘stuffy’ or a ‘past-oriented’ church. With the Holy Spirit’s help, building on our history, we seek the practical and timely application of faith for today.

Characteristics of Our Mennonite Faith

  • A believers’ faith–Mennonites are baptized as adults when they voluntarily make the decision to join what we call the “believers’ church”.
  • A living faith–We believe discipleship calls us to follow Jesus in all aspects of daily living. We are a community dedicated to the Bible as our guide for faith and life. Simplicity, stewardship and honesty are important ingredients of our lives.
  • A caring faith–The church is a congregation of love whose members mutually help each other in times of difficulty.
  • A sharing faith–We seek to share our fellowship with those who are not Christians, as Jesus commanded us to “…go therefore and make disciples of all nations.” (Matthew 28:19)
  • A serving faith–Believing that faith and action are inseparable, we commit our resources to serve those in need. Various organizations work to help feed the world’s hungry, assist in community development, rehabilitate refugees and provide disaster service.
  • A loving faith–Mennonites take seriously the Biblical teaching to love our enemies as well as our friends and neighbors. We practice nonresistance (the principle of refusing to use force or violence) and try to help all people and nations find peaceful resolutions to conflict.